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Comfort Fit Kit Replacement Ear Tips Earbuds for Klipsch X12i In Ear Earphones

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Product Description

Also Compatible with the Following Klipsch In-Ear Earphones / Headphones:

  • Klipsch X20i
  • Klipsch X12i
  • Klipsch X11i
  • Klipsch Lou Reed X10i
  • Klipsch X10i
  • Klipsch XR8i
  • Klipsch X7i
  • Klipsch X6i
  • Klipsch X4i
  • Klipsch X1

  • Klipsch R6,   
  • Klipsch R6i
  • Klipsch R6m
  • Klipsch R6BT Bluetooth

  • Klipsch A5i
  • Klipsch AS-5i
  • Klipsch AW-4i

  • Klipsch S5i
  • Klipsch Reference S4i 
  • Klipsch S4i Rugged
  • Klipsch S4i II
  • Klipsch S4a II
  • Klipsch S4
  • Klipsch S3m
  • Klipsch S3
  • Klipsch S2m
  • Klipsch S2

  • Klipsch Custom 1
  • Klipsch Custom 2
  • Klipsch Custom 3

Measurements:                            Outer Diameter :                 Height :
2 Small Double Flange               0.47″ Inch / 12mm        0.47″ Inch / 12mm
2 Large Double Flange               0.55″ Inch / 14mm      0.51″ Inch / 13mm
2 Small Clear Triple Flange        0.43″ Inch / 11mm      0.59″ Inch / 15mm                  
2 Large Clear Triple Flange        0.55″ Inch / 14mm      0.63″ Inch / 16mm
2 Small Black Triple Flange        0.43″ Inch / 11mm      0.59″ Inch / 15mm                  
2 Large Black Triple Flange        0.55″ Inch / 14mm      0.63″ Inch / 16mm

Comes with Box Organizer: Keeps your Accessories from getting lost and being all over the place

Set Includes:

  • 12pcs Flange Replacement Ear tips Earbuds Ear-gels
  • Perfectly Designed Fit Kit for Personalized Comfort and Wear-ability
  • Amazing Noise Isolation: Close the music in and Keep the madness out.
  • Water washable and anti-static, removable and replaceable.
  • Perfect and comfortable for your ears, left and right.
  • You can also use them, to provide better hygiene – when you change often.

In-Ear Earphones are not Included!

Instructions to Install Ear Tips
  1. With one hand hold the ear tip and the other, the In-Ear Earphone Driver.
  2. Place the Driver of the Earphone in the edge of the ear tip canal.
  3. Apply pressure and with a circular motion, twist with one hand clockwise and with the other the opposite direction, until the ear tip has fully covered the Driver of the Earphone.
  4. Once you have put them on properly, they will stay on securely.

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